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tv   News4 Today at 6  NBC  January 1, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EST

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>> "news4's" megan mcgrath is there live. megan, what are you learning this morning? >> reporter: i can tell you the car involved in this accident, a chrysler 200 has been towed from the scene. you can see the damage that was left behind as ta car came off of l street and onto the sidewalk. it actually went through the area and took down a small tree and flattened the fence. four pedestrians were up on the sidewalk and hit by a car. fortunately we were told by police all of their injuries are minor. they're going to be okay. the driver did stay on the scene. no word of any charges at this point or exactly why the driver left the roadway and went up onto this sidewalk. you can see here in the video shot a little while ago, it was smack dab in front of bar code, an area restaurant, also by pete's coffee and tee at the intersection of l and 17th. the pedestrians, i said, are going to be okay. that's the good news.
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the investigation continues what's going on. they have since reopened everything. show you should chblt have any problem. a little bit of debris still in the roadway. if you travel along this stretch, keep your eyes open. you don't want to necessarily run over it. everything is open and back to normal now. back you do all in the studio. good morning, everybody. i'm "storm team 4" meteorologist chuck bell. your headlines on a chilly nur year's morning. babe, it's coal outside. you're going to see more. the weekend and another shot next week. winter is finally here after the mildest december on record by a long shot. we're in the upper 30s and low 40s right now as you plan out the next 24 hours. a chilly to cold start this morning. back to 42. and even colder tomorrow. how long the cold air sticks around.
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i'll give you the weekend forecast coming up in a few more minutes. back to you. it's a busy morning cleaning up after new year's e.r.a. more than a million people watched the ball drop, security was on everybody's mind including leaders in cities across the world. there were no attacks but two incidents brought new attention to the fight against isis. in munich, germany, two train stations were shut down. they're now back open. foreign intelligence warned them of an imminent midnight attack. armed security members were sent to the main rail station. and in western new york officials believe they stopped 25-year-old man from committing a terrorist attack. prosecutors say 25-year-old
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emanuel luchman of rochester wanted to prove he was worplann to join a group. he was planning to attack a restaurant using a machete and knives. 's in custody out of precaution. the city canceled its new year's eve celebration last night. at 6:03, we're monitoring a story. they got the call around 9:00 last night that a man fell off a sailboat north of sandy point state park. firefighters, state police and the coast guard are all helping in that search there. it's a story you'll see only on news 4 hours before many rang in the new year. the family of a d.c. clerk who was shot in 2011 got a call they've been waiting years to receive. "news4's" jackie bensen with how
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the police solved the cold case murder. >> he shot and killed him simply because he was an employee of the store. 37-year-old mohamed music tar abdul see lam was working hard to support his family. around 8:30 on the night of october 17th, 2011, he was rob and shot to death. >> we had information from the community to help us get where we are today and we had forensic evidence. those two things allowed us to finally bring closure to the family. >> reporter: mr. abdulselam was one of five killed in the district within 48 hours. his alleged killer just 14 years old at the time is the work of investigators who never gave up and citizens who refused to look the other way. >> the other message is the
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criminal element. if you commit a crime, we might not get you today but we're not going to stop until we get you. >> because the suspect was 14 at the time of the crime, he will be charge and processed as a juvenile. q after a wild chase through two counties in maryland and possible shots fired. police took four people into custody on new hampshire avenue in silver spring on thursday afternoon. we're told the chase between two starltsed in prince george's county after someone flashed a gun. the drivers ended up in montgomery county where they drove the wrong way hitting several cars. a witness describes the scene. right after i heard them screaming at each other, i heard a noise and a crash. >> police pulled four people from a car in a nearby shopping center and handcuffed them all. police tell us the two groups do know each other.
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the national zoo has new hours starting today. the gates open at 8:00 a.m. and close by 4:00. the main reason, security. the hours will extend in the spring. neighbors are upset because they like to jog, go by their early, later in the evening, and that's going to be leaving. >> absolutely. that's a big deal. we continue to follow the latest developments in the case of the so-called affluenza teen. what ethan couch may use to allow his deportation in the united states. a war veteran refused at arlington. why they won't bury a maryland woman. let's take a live peek out the window. we're a little more than an hour away from daylight. you might see sunshine and
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at 6:09, the latest on the so-called affluenza teen. they may be trying to staal his deportation. he and his mother fled to mexico after a video surfaced that appears to show a party where people were drinking. at his trial his attorney argued that his wealthy parents coddled him. the women served in a special unit called women air force service pilots. they flew noncombat missions during the war. since 1977, federal law has granted them status as veterans, but in march the secretary of the army ruled they never should have been allowed in and revoked their eligibility. a maryland family is now trying to reverse that. >> well, it is time to check in on our weather forecast for this first day of 2016.
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we know that traffic's not bad. let me give you the traffic report. it's nothing. >> there's your traffic for today. meanwhile we do need our weather and that's why chuck's here. >> is that why i'm here. all right. fair enough. i always wonder sometimes this time of the day. outside this morning, mostly clear skies. temperatures are colder now than they were yesterday. back into the upper 30s and low 40s. weather and your plans for today, this morning, this afternoon, or this evening, a chilly start and a bit of a breeze out there, but the weather should not interrupt any of your plans start to finish disturbing the course of the day. highs today, mid-to upper 40s around town. closer to 50 around culpeper and fredericksburg. travel conditions, no problem, be sure to keep your driving down. good travels, everybody. a look at the weekend forecast. that's in ten minutes. see you then.
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>> thank you very much, chuck. as another baltimore police officer gets ready to go to trial, a possible bombshell. what freddie gray complained about months before his death. and how a man went
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developing right now the mississippi river is causing wide spread flooding in missouri and illinois. it reached 15 feet above flood state level causes other rivers to overflow. crews have been out for hours trying to andre highways and neighbors are sandbagging their homes. kim junk unsaid, quote, he's ready for war. in his new year's eve speech says it could happen if, quote, provoked by outsiders.
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kim said hoe was open to talks with anyone truly interested in reconciliation and peace. new documents in the freddie gray case could shed some light on his condition before being arrested. gray's the 25-year-old man who died of a broken neck while in police custody back in april. six officers have been charged in connection with his death but now according to a document in court gray complained of back trouble less than two weeks before he was arrested. the counts were filed by the defense lawyer for the officer charged with murder. >> this is more than a party. people need to make sure sacrifices are made. >> some revelers were met by protesters. as it made its way down to u
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street it shut down intersectionet. the crowd was joined by activists and moms who lost children at the hands of police. >> i'm very angry and upset how they killed my son and snatched hi life and nobody is telling me anything. >> now, police moved quickly to block roads as they marched so there wasn't much of an impact there. newly released e-mails show they closely coordinated their response to mcdonald's death. mayor rahm emanuel knew for months the case could be politically explosive. the black man was shot 16 times by a white police officer. dash cam video that captured the october police shotting was released more than a year later. they made changes yesterday including arming all officers
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with tasers. this morning the pleas for resignation continue. this morning bill costly tweeted for the first time since being criminally charged with sexual assault. he tweeted friends and family, thank you. cosby says the encounter was consensual. 6:18. beginning today, styrofoam is a thing of the past in d.c. restaurants. there's now a ban. warnings will be issued first. then $100 fines. >> a hugely successful year as the district works to find permanent housing for all of its residents. "news4's" mark see graves
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introduces us to a veteran and family now in their forever homes. >> steems people lose their jobs and it's beyond their control r they used their life savings to move from ohio to d.c. for a new job and bounce they got here they found out the job offer was actually a scam. they lived in a hotel until their savings ran out. it was wintertime and the snow was falling. >> we found ourselves outside at a bus stop. >> reporter: for more than a year they were bouncing from shelters to motels. four months ago their prayers were answered for a program offered by the d.c. department of human services crystal and their family found a home they could afford where their children would could go to school and play with their friends. >> you don't want them to walk out the door and look over their shoulder or wonder am i safe.
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>> they're far from the only family who now have a stable home. in 2015, 1,014 were provided homes, a 16% increase over last year. 621 individuals were placed in stable housing and that's a 34% increase over the previous year and 681 veterans who were once living on the streets of d.c. are now in their own homes. a 49% increase over last year. >> that stakt of housing allows people to make all kinds of progress and changes and really begin to fulfill their own potential. but without that basic human need met, people really struggle and suffer. >> mark segraves, "news4." >> nice to see the actions. >> absolutely. nice to see the increase, especially with the veterans. a chilly start. it is january though.
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looking forward -- at least me -- to the cold weather. chuck? >> look at me. you're going to neat your coat as winter has finally arrived in washington after the mildest december on record. not just the mildest. we crushed the old record by more than 5 degrees for a monthly high temperature. so really mild december. now winter has returned. so you need your coat, your jeans, maybe even your scarf on the way out. temperatures are down in the upper 30s, low 40s. colder than we've been in quite some time. this is the leading edge of a pattern change. so get your bike out and enjoy nice ride today. a few fare weather clouds from time to time. afternoon highs, 41 in
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martinsburg and charles town. 43 in new market, maryland, 44 in gaithersburg, damascus and 48 in falls church. going out tonight it will be cold and dry. temperatures near 40 early this evening but dropping back in the mid-30s by the time you get home from dinner and a movie and rain chances all be gone for the next couple of days. looks like a dry stretch of weather is on the way. highs tomorrow, the weekend gets started with a relatively good way. mostly sunny but chilly. it's going to feel like wintertime for a change. 48 in fredericksburg. the next big change arrives as we get into monday afternoon and tuesday morning. another shot of cold air comes into the picture. as a result, tuesday morning likely to be the coldest morning we've seen so far this winter. 48 today, 45 torj back up to near 50 on sunday. morngsd partly sunny skies and
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cold weather neenl the picture as we get toward tuesday and wednesday of next week. see you in a few. >> here's proof you can have too much of a good thing. researchers say too much of healthy foods can ruin your diet. data from three new studies show people think healthy foods are less filling so then they'd more than what's recommended. food labels with the words "light" or "healthy" also played into it. studies show that three quarters of people who smoke would like to quit. erica introduces us to one longtime smoker who shows it can be done.
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bob realized he wasn't in control of the cigarettes, they controlled him. >> i looked at those cigarettes and said you son of a [ bleep ] you owe me. that was really the turning point for me to say, all right, somehow we're going to war. >> reporter: when bob went to war -- >> i'm calling to check in on you. >> reporter: -- this woman provided the ar tilley. kelly robbins runs the program. she's a firm believer in nicotine replacement therapies like the patch and gum. she shows people how to shake up their routine, disassociating cigarettes with their routine. >> if you came down every morning and had a cup of coffee, we would encourage people to come down and have a mountain dew that morning and do something different. >> reporter: bob took the idea
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and hit the gas. >> i drove down different roads. i went down different roads i've never been down. >> reporter: the plan is working. a year later bob horak remains smoke-free. erica edwards, nbc news. quitting smoking can often take certainly tries and different techniques before you kick the habit. new this morning, new year means new life and new mommies, we're getting reports of the first babies born in our area. the first was born at holy cross. and shady grove medical center welcomed its first baby boy. the hospital gifts to the families a basket that says congratulations. >> congratulations indeed. republican front-runner donald trump is vowing a win when it comes to the white house and it comes just when we're learning about a shakeup of the campaign of his rival ben carson. we talk about the new law
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taking effect in d.c. what about-month-old and virginia? what you need to know, especially if you live in prince george's county. let ee take a look at the current temperatures. a lot of you waking up in the 30s and 40s. a little chilly. chuck says you can expect cold temperatures to stick around for a while.
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we're going to begin the 6:30 hour with breaking news. four people were hit by a car on l street near 17th in northwest d.c. all victims are expected to recover. police say the driver of the sedan stayed on the scene. we're going to get more. "news4's" megan mcgrath is live there. we're going to check in with her in 15 minutes. we also want to get a check of your forecast on this new year's day. chuck bell standing by -- >> -- with your "4 things to know." chuck? >> hey, there, erika and adam. what a way to get the new year
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started. finally a chance to dry out after that long cloudy and rainy stretch. cold air coming our way today and over the course of the weekend and even colder air next week. so today's not going to be a problem. saturday, if you're already planning out your weekend, today, sunshine, tomorrow sunshine, and even monday. no more 50s and 60s. today and tomorrow, high temperatures will be in the 40s. which is, above all crazy things, about average. just about average. more about the cold shot coming up in a few minutes. back to you. well, new this morning we now know the name of a state trooper injured on i-95. trooper tristan phillip was inside his marked patrol car on the right shoulder of southbound 95 assisting a family with their disabled vehicle. his patrol car was rear ended by a passing driver who didn't have a license. phillip has been a member of the maryland state police for two years. he was taken to the hospital and
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treated for his injuries. charges have not been filed at this time. in maryland, they're investigating a faye tar car crash. the crash killed 71-year-old john lew. investigators say alcohol may have been involved in this crash. anyone who witnessed the accidenis asked to call the police. yesterday was chief mark magaw's last day and in his farewell message he praised his didn't and in his place, hank swoe inski replaces him. congratulations to both of them. montgomery county is considering a multi-million-dollar plan to give you more when you drive. it shows essentially major intersections are in review for changes. scott macfarlane showed us. >> in a short stretch we hid
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three red lights, two of them less than 20 seconds apart. traffic is always a complaint here. amy says they've long tried to alleviate it. >> they're trying to change it so you don't have one thoroughfare but you have other options. >> reporter: internal memos reveal montgomery county is considering a less expensive but still ambitious plan to alleviate traffic further. they call it adaptive signal control technology, technology to allow them to adjust to the flow of traffic. it will cost about $90,000 per signal, potentially millions. downtown wheaton and two areas of the rockville pike, near i-370 and the pike rose district which is not far from the sandwich shop this man and his team run. he says they take a hit when
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traffic snarls along randolph road outside. >> we have a small business and it does affect our numbers at the end of the month. >> reporter: but the county is not considering roads inside the beltway because they say those roads are already overcapacity, too overrun for traffic technology to save. i'm told if the down toy wants to spend millions on this project, the first chance to be do it will be july 2016, six months from tomorrow. trump told fox news he's determined to make america great again and that he'll be hillary clinton's worst nace mair if she's his opponent. we're now a month away from the first caucus in iowa. 5,500 more pages of hillary
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clinton's e-mails have been released by the state department. the agency fell short of meeting its court ordered target. 28% before supposed to be public by the end of the year. the latest batch, messages of condolences after the benghazi attack and more info on the president's push for the health care plachblt it was argued her e-mail server compromised security. martin o'malley faces a challenge. h won't be on ohio's primary ballot. state officials say he didn't get enough signatures to qualify. both of his opponents hillary clinton and bernie sanders made that ballot. a big shakeup. several top aides have resigned. the aides questioning his readiness for the white house.
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we'll get an update in about ten minutes. today there are new laws going into effect in our area. in prince george's county, it's now illegal to smoke electronic cigarettes in public building and also in maryland folks can register to vet during early voting periods. >> developing in washington state this morning, at least one person is dead, several others injured after an overnight fire just outside of seattle, and this morning we're already learning how it may have started. and coming up, a somber start to the new year in the entertainment world. the mash character the industry is mourning. i want to show you another live look outside on this first day of 2016. welcome to the new year, folks.
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one person is dead and six injured at an apartment fire in washington statement one person is also in critical condition. four of those injured were family members who lived next door to where the fire started. more than 100 people have lost their homes as a result of the three-alarm fire. officials say it at began as a mattress fire. the accident happened on tuesday night when the car bruce danford crossed the center line and was killed. danforth was killed. he had a suspended license and shouldn't have been driving in the first place. they're checking to see if drugs played a role. happening today, the 127th annual rose bowl parade will cake off this morning in california. it's a festival of flower, music, and sports said to be
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unlike anywhere else in the world. participants have been putting final touches on the grant floats over the past few days. the event will feature 44 floats and hundreds of thousands of spectators. you can see that here starting at 11:00 a.m. good morning, everybody. i'm "storm team 4" meteorologist chuck t. bell. 'll have a mix of clouds and snienl during the day. a lot more sun than yesterday. hourly temperatures climbing into the mid-40s by 11:00 this morn. we'll spend most of the afternoon with temperatures in the mid-to upper 40s. no chance for rain today. if you're planning to go out for dinner and a movie tonight. dinner time, dry. on the movie side, cold. a complete check of the forecast coming up at 6:51. see you then. we continue to follow breaking news in thestrict where
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at least four people are recovering the morning after being hit by a car. "news4's" megan mcgrath is at the scene where police toed the vehicle a short time ago what she's learned about the investigation coming up next. >> on thin ice, why a montgomery county man's tribute to
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i'm megan mcgrath live on l street northwest where police
6:44 am
are trying to figure out what caused a driver to leave the roadway, go up onto the sidewalk striking four pedestrians. went over this tree and came to rest in front of the bar code lounge and restaurant. four pedestrians were on the sidewalk and were struck. forty natalie they were minor. they're going to be okay. the drive e of the chrysler did stay on the scene. no word on the charges or exactly what led up to this accident. we're here at the intersection of l street and 17th street in northwest washington. this is about 2:00 in the morning. there's some bars and lounges in the area, a lot of activity happened. a lot of investigation. but the good news is everything is reopennd and the folks who were struck are going to be
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okay. li live, megan mcgrath, "news4." more cold air is coming as winter is finally here. your seven-day forecast in just five minutes. welcome to 2016, everyone. crews have been hard at work the last couple of hours cleaning up all the confetti in times square. more than a million people packed to watch the ball drop at midnight in new york city. security was tight to make celebrations safe around the world. and security was on the minds of leaders in cities across the world and everybody here at home. there were no attacks, but two incidents brought new attention to the fight against isis. in munich, germany, two train stations are now back open. they were shut back down after foreign intelligence warned police of, quote, imminent threat of a midnight terror attack. there were concerns of an isis new year's eve suicide attack.
6:46 am
armed security members were sent to the main rail station. and in western new york, officials believe they stopped a terror attack. they arrested 25-year-old emanuel luchman. they claim he was planning to stab people at a restaurant or bar and possibly carry out a kidnapping. investigators say luchman wanted to prove he was worthy of joining isis and communicating with an isis fighter in syria. out of caution the city canceled its new year's eve fireworks celebration. it's 6:46 on this new year's day. we're monitoring a story. that's where crews plan on searching cruise. they got the call around 9:00 last night that a man fell off a sailboat north of sandy point state park. firefighters, natural police and state police and coast guard are helping in the search. a local father hoping a tribute he built to honor his stepdaughter's memory won't be shut down in the new year.
6:47 am
it's a hockey rink he opened to members in montgomery county. but as "news4's" derrick ward reports the community has concerns. >> reporter: the ice is synthetic t fun is real. for mark kohn of poolesville, it's his ability to enjoy his life long sport. >> i thought if i could ever have a chance, my own place, my own rink, i could have more flexibility. >> reporter: this rink isn't just about fun. there's a solemn meaning. it's a fitting way to remember his stepdaughter melanie. >> huge hockey fan. we'd have pizza and puck nights. that was one of her favorite things. >> reporter: she shayed her passion for hockey up until her death. she was 35 when she died from a respiratory illness. the rink was named after her. >> i thought it would be the a greatest thing. >> reporter: there's a problem. kohn's property is in an
6:48 am
agricultural reserve. as such there are limits and rules governing what goes on. inspectors had already visited and they had an issue with the lighting. >> immediately took those down. >> this looks like all of the kids here and they're having a great time. >> reporter: but it's popular and important. jim brown is president of the poolesville town commission. there are hopes that middle ground can be found. they understand his service to memorialize his daughter but the rink is being promoted for public use which raises concerns about the impact and compass built. county officials want to meet with kohn. he's happy to do it. hopes are that this active memorial isn't on thin ice. >> poolesville, derrick ward, "news4." student photo i.d. cards
6:49 am
issued by virginia private schools will be accepted as a form of identification. in fairfax county a redefined noise ordnanyorordina be in place. the national zoo's new hours take effect. get this. gates now open at 8:00 a.m. and close at 5:00. exhibit hours are from 9:00 in the morning until 4:00 p.m. zoo officials say the main reason is security. the hours will be extended in the spring but many are upset they won't be able to walk or jog early at night. if you've ever done that hill there, it's a steep hill down. it's the way back that really gets you. this morning i don't know if anybody's going to want to head out for the jog but if you do, you're going to have to layer up. >> the only way to make that resolution count is get out there and do it on day one. get out and enjoy it. 2015 temperatures. we finished the entire year, two
6:50 am
degrees above average but most of the surplus came in a couple of block buster months. we started out cold. remember, january, february, march, we're all colder than march. in fact, february, one of our coldest februarys on record. we had ice on the title basins up in the middle of march. then things turned around. by may we finished at 7.2 degrees. plus 11 1/2. so a whole lot more on the plus side than the minus side, so for the year we finished up 2 degrees from the average. what to expectation on your way out the door for today and the coming weekend, starting off cold. arctic air is finally starting to move in and another shot comes in early next week. temperatures are trending downward as we head into the month of january here. 35 in culpeper 4rk 2 in falls church and 41 in edgewater, maryland. low 40s at 11:00 a.m.
6:51 am
mid to upper 40s with highs today with increasing amounts of sunshine. its going to turn into a nice new year's day. as of now, skies are mostly clear over the national harbor. no trouble like the fog we've had the last couple of month moments. northern florida and the gulf coast but most of the eastern two thirds of the country is going to be high and dry including us. no chance for rain any time today. a couple of clouds around. that's going to be it. your seven-day forecast, here you go. chilly weather today and cold weather next week. 4r5 tomorrow. 48. tuesday ice highs well down into the mid-30s. so that's actually going feel really cold compared to having about 14 days in the month of december 60 or higher. so 36 is going to feel extra cold. here's erika gonzalez now. >> thanks, chuck. it's the story you'll only
6:52 am
see on nbc 4. family got a call they've been waiting years to receive. an arrest was made. he was shot to death during a robbery. the case remained unsolved until now. >> if you're willing to commit a crime here, we might not get you today, but we're not going to stop until we get you. >> because the suspect was 14 at the time of the crime, he will be charge and processed as a juvenile. several people have been arrested after a wild chase through two counties in maryland and possible shots fired. police took four people into custody on new hampshire avenue in silver spring yesterday afternoon. we're told the chase between to cars started in prince george's county after someone flashed a gun. the drivers ended up in mach where the car being chased
6:53 am
drove the wrong way hitting several cars. a witness describes the scene. right after i heard them screaming at each other, i heard a noise and a crash. >> police pulled four people out of a car in a nearby shopping center and handcuffed them all. no word if anyone was hurt or shots were fired. police tell us the two groups do know each other. dr. carson is facing several challenges of his own: several of his members are jumping ship. here's hallie jackson. >> reporter: a campaign in chaos. ben carson asking his top adviser not to design, but campaign manager barry bennett already made up his mind. >> i don't need to bang my head on the wall anymore. >> describing low morale, job insecurity, and infighting. >> i think we can secure it in
6:54 am
iowa but only if this internal fight stops. >> reporter: also ben carson's deputy campaign manager, internal feuds. constant disagreements between carson's aides and his love-time friend. >> chaos is not a bad thing as long as the candidate comes out better, more well prepared, and ready for this battle that is ahead. >> reporter: carson himself calling this a new phase and necessary to invigorate his campaign with a strategy that more aggressively shares his vision and world view. after falling from first to fourth in the last couple of months. >> out of chaos, leadership rises. there's a new carson emerging and you and others will see it soon. >> what's it going to look like? >> a man who wants to win the white house. >> reporter: other veezers are now stepping in, the campaign trying to turn it around with time running out. >> i love dr. carson. ee going to vote for him. i just don't want to work with him anymore. >> hallie jackson, nbc news. sad news for the new year.
6:55 am
wayne rogers known for playing trapper john on the hit tv show m. amt smt h. his publicist says he died yesterday in los angeles after complications from pneumonia. hes we was 82 years old. >> if you're going to be heading out to enjoy some of this cool weather, d.c. is waiving meter fees in recognition of the holiday. nice news here. drivers will be able to park and stay in zones without paying or a permit, wonderful news. >> hallelujah. mayor muralial bowser will participate in the 5k. thl is video from last year. here's 4 things you need to know. the mississippi river is causing widespread flooding throughout parts of missouri and illinois. crews have been out for hours trying to andre hi ining to dra
6:56 am
don't forget national zoo hours taking effect. gates open at 8:00 instead of 6:00. the main reason for the change is security. it was a safe new year's eve here and around the world. germany shut down a train station over a threat and a man was arrested for planning an isis attack in rochester new york. four people recovering from being hit be i a car early new year's day. police say the driver of the sedan stayed on the scene. it happened on l street in the northwest. we knew it couldn't last forever. the mild pattern is gone and cold weather for the weekend. even colder next week. monday night into tuesday morning. likely to be the coldest air we've seen in the winter to this point, mainly because we haven't seen any cold air at all. temperatures today still a little bit above average. closer to average. back in the upper 40s on sunday. here's the cooldown, noticeable cooldown.
6:57 am
by tuesday morning teens and 20s in most of the suburbs. highs only in the 30s on tuesday afternoon. so it's actually going to feel a little bit more like winter. >> score. >> i say boo to that. >> why? >> i liked the 70s and the flip-flops. i was really getting into that. let's go right into spring. >> some of us are ready for winter and the snow. >> that's right. right. thank you so much for joining us thi good morning and happy n
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year. with music and fireworks lighting up the night surrounded by family and friends, the world greets a newr today, friday, january 1st, 2016. ♪ good morning, everyone, welcome to today, a brand new year on this friday morning. happy new year guys. >> happy new year. >> good to see you. here we go again. we finished a period where we looked back at the stories in 2014 and now we gear up for what


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